About us

Alphamedica LLC has been established in 2017 with an aim to facilitate supply of novel medical equipment and devices to the Republic of Uzbekistan. Founded by the team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical equipment, Alphamedica is set to become the market leader in the growing medical segment of the country.

Since 2017 we have successfully accomplished a number of projects and supplied required equipment in histology, pathomorphology, immunobiology, hepatology, etc.

Our clients are private medical hospitals and laboratories as well as public hospitals and institutions.


Our Mission

We are patient-oriented company thus our Mission is to ensure that the best available medical equipment is provided to patients in need. Hence, our approach is to cooperate with global leaders in each field and to provide required equipment and supporting services.

Our Goals


Our approach is patient-oriented in our day-to-day work.


We supply the highest quality equipment and provide highest quality supportive services


We are partners of choice to global medical companies willing to work in Uzbekistan


We aim to provide only the latest and the most advanced solutions available in the global market

Accountability and Transparency.

We are transparent in our operations and prudent in our financial commitments to partners and clients